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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ejection Seats of Divisiveness

The United Church of Christ has recently released their newest ad campaign zeroing in on growing their congregations by focusing on those rejected by the church. The ad is featured on their website, "" and shows people being selectively "ejected" from the pews. Those ejected include a mother with a crying baby, the man of whatever ethnicity he is (at right), a homosexual male couple, and a handicapped person, among others, and then follows with the screen text: "God doesn't reject people". The site is supposed to have testimonies, of which there were only 8, (mind you that all 8 of these are valid and deserving of attention) however I was curious if they would post my opinion that I took the time to share with them. For editorial integrity, I have posted it below:

First, to all of those who have shared their absolutely valid testimonies and stories of how they have been wronged by the church, Thank you for your openness, and on behalf of myself and my family who call ourselves by the name Christian, we are sorry for your experiences.

That said, to the directors of the "United" church of Christ, can you explain to me how this website, this commercial, and this campaign is anything but divisive? You are not solving the problem, but merely propegating it by drawing the "Us and Them" line even further apart.

I am saddened by the fact that you have chosen to attack the ecumenical church as a whole in order to grow your own cause in the name of tolerance. Poor practice in my book. I am curious - since I disagree, will you have the integrity to post my opinion, or will you yourselves choose to play the role of that which you so disdain, and "eject" me? If you truely want to effect change, than engage in the dialouge that creates it. Otherwise, you are doing nothing more than adding to the noise. Lets see where you stand, as the ball is most respectfully in your court.
I will post any replies I receive to this blog, so check back.

Please feel free to do the same, and to comment. This was brought to my attention by Todd Rhoades on his Monday Morning Insights blog. Thanks Todd.


Anonymous Mark Wilson said...

Hi Chad

Mate, thanks for letting me know about your blog. And thanks for this post. I began to reply and then realized I wanted to blog a post. Have a read:

I am encouraged by your insightfulness and honesty. Keep up the good work. I hope to get to you know you better, you're a good man.

5:34 PM  
Blogger Amy Houck said...


I thank you for writing so boldly!
Christian Churchs need to stop painting the pitcure that we are jugmental and start making that effort for "unity" in the body. I am as well saddend by this campain that the United Church of Christ has choosen to try to bring people into their church. May others learn by their example, that this is not how to win souls into the Kingdom, it's just saying that the rest of us are not doing it right!

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Kevin Jessee said...

You know if christians had the Spirit of God in them they would naturally draw men to God. The problem as I see it is, we have failed to submit all areas of our life to God. We live lives without intimacy in most of our relationships even in the church. Non-christians see the lie and the hypocrisy, and use it as an excuse to reject the faith. Thank God we are beginning to admit this and change! There is blessing in accountability and remembering we must remain unified in the Word and Spirit of Jesus. Without that, we have no power. That is what the people who put on the ejection commercial fail to understand .

8:12 PM  

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